Regional setting warning

To function predictably, iTech Facilities Management requires a “.” (full stop) as the decimal symbol for numbers. If your regional setting is set to a “,” or any other character, you will be notified accordingly. The same applies if you change your Regional Setting whilst iTech Facilities Management is running. All open modules will generate a warning message then self terminate. To change your Regional Settings, in your Control Panel, navigate to Clock and Region and select the Change date, time or number formats option. Select Additional settings under the Formats tab and change the Decimal symbol to a . (full stop). Apart from the control panel, you can access this setting by typing “regional” in the search bar and opening the Set Regional Format shortcut then select the Additional date, time, & regional settings option in the top right hand corner then select the Change date, time or number formats option and proceed from the Additional settings option as above.

iTech Facilities Management intermittently non responsive or slow due to internet access issues

In the event that your internet goes down for whatever technical reason, the various modules may lose responsiveness intermittently. To obviate this issue temporarily, Turn off Widgad under System Settings in the Administration module. You may also start the Navigator using the Navigator (No Widgad) shortcut in your Windows/Start menu…iTech Facilities Management program group. (See the user guide for the startup switch option). You will require the necessary Itech Facilities Management user permissions to perform this task.

Automatic updates may also fail in this scenario. It is not recommended that you Disable automatic updates but if you do, don’t forget to re-enable automatic updates when your internet becomes available once again to ensure you are always up to date with new features and other bug fixes.

Installing on Win 10

Windows 10 security will only allow you to install apps from the Microsoft store. To get around this, please follow the instructions at this link

If you are already out of s-mode but cannot install iTech Facilities Management, you can try the following instructions

Maintenance schedule not visible in the grid

Q: In maintenance, the calendar planner indicates maintenance activity on the selected date yet I can’t see any maintenance in the grid.

A: Subhirable and Facility maintenance schedules share the same key colours. For e.g., a dark blue block can indicate that either a facility maintenance schedule or a subhirable maintenance schedule has been signed off on a particular date. To view the seemingly invisible item, switch your view alongside the ‘Reflect maintenance of’ label and either switch between ‘Facilities’ and ‘Subhirables’ or select the ‘Both’ option.

Major update notification

Q: Upon startup of the Navigator I received notification that a major update is available. What must I do?

A: You have the option to be directed to the downloads page or when you are ready, open up and download the update (at the bottom of the page). Always backup the FBM share folder before performing major updates. Once you have downloaded the updates, unzip and run the applicable update installer. Major updates will always have a client update and a server update. As with the initial installation, run the server update on the server and the client update on each of the clients.